My fave references



A Glossary of Health Professional Titles
Dental Abbreviations

Anatomy & Physiology


The Amazing Muscular System
Complete Muscle Tables for the Human Body
Human Anatomy Online (Basic but fun!)
List of Muscles
Muscle Physiology – Introduction to Muscle
Superficial Muscles Tutorial Boards and E-mail Lists


AAMT Online Public Forum
Instant Text Main Forum
Links Lost ‘n Found
MS Word for MTs
MT Chitchat
MT Cottage
MT Daily (Fee-based but can read main board for free)
MT Desk Chat
MT Netizens
MT Spot
MT Stars
Productivity Talk



List of Chemotherapy Drugs
National Cancer Institute – Dictionary of Cancer Terms
National Cancer Institute
National Surgical Adjuvant Breast and Bowel Project (NSABP)
Tumor TNM Staging



Characteristics of the Normal ECG
ECG Help
EKG Tutorial-EKG Standard Leads
EKG Tutorial
NOVA Online Electric Heart–Map of the Human Heart
The Human Heart (A diagram)



NCHS ICD-9-C M Guidelines, Conversion Table, and Addenda
NSW Health – ICD-9-CM Code Listing

Diagnostic Procedures

 The Auscultation Assistant – Hear Heart Murmurs, Heart Sounds, and Breath Sounds

Drug Help


Drake & Drake Updates
Drug List
FDA Search Page — a consumer-based drug information and safety tips site
Street Terms Drugs and the Drug Trade – ONDCP
Welcome To RxList

Find Physicians and Other Medical Critters


American-Chiropractor. net
Find Chiropractors (by state and city)
Florida Practitioners
Hospital Soup
Medicare Listing of Nursing Homes
NHIC UPIN Registry (Rennie grades this A++++++) White & Yellow Pages
Switchboard The Internet – YellowPages – WhitePages
Texas Physicians
The Little Blue Book
The National Directory of Chiropractic – Online Database of Chiropractors
Virginia Practitioners
WebMD – Find a Doctor

Grammar & Punctuation


Common Errors in English
Conjugate Verbs
Daily Grammar
Grumpy Martha’s Guide to Grammar and Usage – Encarta
Guide to Grammar and Writing
Lay and Lie
Lynch Guide to Grammar and Style
Sentence Diagrams
SPELL Society for the Preservation of English Language and Literature
The Blue Book of Grammar and Punctuation
The Grammar Doctor Is In!
Verb Tenses in the Active Voice

 Herbal, Nutritional, Homeopathic

 Ask Dr. Weil – Homepage



 HHS – Office for Civil Rights – HIPAA

Workgroup for Electronic Data Interchange (WEDI)

 Lab Help

 Atlas of Hematology

CBC with Diff
Common Lab Values
Lab Test Interpretation
Lab Tests Online Welcome!
List of Lab Tests
Normal Reference Range Table
Red Blood Cell Indices
Specialty Laboratories
UCSD Laboratory Reference

Medical Dictionaries


InteliHealth Merriam-Webster Medical Dictionary
Latin Dictionary and Grammar Aid
OneLook Dictionary Search

Medical Instruments

 Surgical Instruments



Pulmonary Function Tests
Radiology Info
The Basics of MRI



Archaic Medical Terms
Latin and Other Terms
Shapes and Forms of Objects (An awesome site!)

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