Compaq Presario CQ40

This isn’t so good but maybe this will be a reason for me to travel.  My laptop is showing not so good signs such as flickering of the screen and there is a pink line, which is annoying, at the bottom of the screen.  I got this in April this year and it was just recently that I decided to use it.;  I think around the last week of August.  Well, since I am not gifted (just like Tinay) who uses the keyboard only, the F4 and F10 keys particularly without a pedal, I waited for a converter for my pedal and also for someone who has knowledge in installing it.  Installing was a bit complicated and besides I don’t know which driver is compatible as there were so many choices.  I was just lucky to have Teri coz she gave me her spare converter, which gave her really a hard time looking for it at Greenhills and in all branches of CD-R King in Manila area.   I even looked for it in Legaspi City as well. 

Right now, I am using it for  Adrian’s review materials as the 2nd grading period will be on the third week of this month, still hoping that tomorrow these lines will diminish.


2 thoughts on “Compaq Presario CQ40

    • yah. I called HP service center and now i need to bring it back to Manila. Still they don’t guarantee that even if they change the LCD that the problem would not persist. Out of 30 units, there is still a 1% chance of recurrence. This is really frustrating.

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