another grace


Last night I was watching Dream Girls (Beyonce and Jennifer Hudson) but did not finish it coz my time was up so just decided to go to the next room and peep if the other TV was on (hoping i could continue what i was watching).  Checking on the kid’s room,  finding out what they were watching, I was right I couldn’t let them change the channel.  So, I joined them, well, I would just love hanging with them, giggling together, and asking them what will be the next scene. Yah, they’ve seen the movie already. (But I know there will be another show time for the Dream Girls).  How could I stop them on  telling me that Wall-E and Eve are the main characters, Wall-E being the last little robot on earth programmed to clean up all the mess on earth and the latter a robot from probe sent to earth to check if the program was successful, in that the movie was hilarious, fun, and well, it is animated.

I don’t mind missing the other movie.


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