10:00 pm
Sitting on a wooden fifth step of the stair
with rustic, old, and frail base
watching how hard the rains are pouring
and the way they flow downstairs.

It started to invade a chastened heart
It must have been like a stargazing
Up above a dark and empty sky
Not even a star is glistening.

Just afraid that this night will end
ceaselessly I’ll wait for a star to show
and in my position I can’t spot any
with unfaltering wish that one would glow.

Shivering unbuttoning a thick cardigan
covering a tormented weeping sense
so I grabbed a candle and lit its wick
hiding not to quiver and be weak.

That single light guided a gloomy way
I walked barefooted to ease my walking
And feel every step I will be making
Letting my feet feel the pebbly trail.

Far from here I could sight a speck
And it made me tremble and couldn’t speak
As I rushed from the point originally where I was
At last I saw a sparkling and glittering crack.

Tonight I’ll try not to blink and just watch that star above.

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