a little kindness

Second day of waking up at a certain time with no alarm clock.

“Every morning, we begin with infinite promise.” A promise of a wakeful step and a mindful act.

I missed Joy; two days after my birthday, she’ll turn just like my age.  She’s one of my high school best friends who had been traveling and working outside the country for let me say, well, 10 years, almost.  She left a year after she graduated from Ateneo.  The last time we had a brief chat was when she was in Europe, I think 2 months ago.  “Haen na ika big sister?”

I missed my mom.  Yesterday after lunch, when I went home she was not there but she knew we were coming.  It seems like nobody has been using the round dining table, showing some signs of a worn out table cover.  Sometimes, to appreciate things I want them to look just natural, bearing its original beauty.  I wanted to see its glimmering new look as it is an 8 seater glass roundtable by removing the old cover with signs of wear and tear, getting rid all the things on top of it with no use at all.  Dad was just staring at me while I was doing the whole thing, asking me to leave it that way and take a rest.  When there is a tear in some stuff, just like the old table cover, you would not even feel any pain taking it away.

An hour has passed and I finished polishing the glass roundtable.  I know when mom arrives she would just smile and feel that I did come home.


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