Dear Aunt,

320 pm

I am doing your last wishes even if takes months to accomplish those what you have told me, but there were still things you did not tell me and I found them out yesterday while I was talking to the person in charge in one of the public offices, which I had appointments with in Manila.  Adrian had his yellow belt promotion in Taekwando on Sunday.  He has been waiting for that, I know, but he understood what where my concerns why I needed to go out of town having similar schedule with his event.  He said, “If it is for grandma, then go Mama.”

One more hour and he will be off from school.  I promise him I’ll see him at the school gate today.  Another tough Tuesday, I guess; balancing work and at the same time being a mom. But, with the thought that you are always watching over me, i can do those roles.


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