Sky and moon

1, 2, 3 let me count the days
Even if I deny, I’ll only hear an eccentric sigh
Come, let’s climb a mountain, heed me howl
Let me count the days.

A shrill silence and no reply
But I can’t tell time to change it hands
Tell me, what I am supposed to do
If you’re gonna put your feet in other’s shoe.

Concealed by so many reasons
And in fact, you already knew
Unreachable, unconquerable
Now tell me what are the ways?

By tomorrow, will you still be there?
tirelessly just what Im praying and wishing
in the end, we’re gonna sit together
and count all the years we spent together.

You remained so understanding
Just like the strings of the violin
You’ll never ever stale I know
Let the sky be with the moon

Coz without your friendship, just wouldn’t be the same.

To Armi who is meeting a friend alone today, so sorry. I just wish Cecilia a safe trip back to Europe; she’ll understand.

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