Wheat Grass



During my trip last weekend, I was amazed when I saw this plant and even asked my youngest sister, “What are these rice plants doing in the supermarket?” “I did not know that palay seeds are now being sold by the trays and commercialized.” I thought they are just introducing another technology of growing palay seeds. But when I was getting nearer and was able to read the label, I said, “ahh, wheatgrass palan”. My sister left me at the stall while she was buying something for dinner and did not bother me at all to come inside the grocery. I stood there for 20 minutes and scrutinized the seedlings while amazingly staring at the lady who was extracting the juice from a handful of grass she cut using a pair of scissors, not pulling the grasses but cutting them as she explained after a week, it will grow again.

Our conversation started when I quizzed her about:

Me: How much is a tray of the wheatgrass? (Forgot the exact size of the tray) but I can compare it to a size of a standard CPU.

Lady: P500.00, but this will last for a two to four months, or it depends on the quality of the seeds.

(I was interested to buy but had a second thought of how I am going to pack and transport the goods.)

Me: Don’t you have a smaller size of the tray?

Lady: They’re out of stock, mam.

Me: Do you have seeds available?

Lady: They come from Malaysia.

Inquisitively, I asked the lady of the benefits and wonders of the wheatgrass and explained:

It is a powerful detoxifier

Restores alkalinity to the blood

Used to treat peptic ulcers, ulcerative colitis, constipation, diarrhea, and other complaints of the gastrointestinal tract.

contains beneficial enzyme

sleep aide

Just told my sis that by December, she should come home and bring me a smaller tray.



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