Compaq Presario LCD line and flicker

As I can observe in my WordPress stats, there are users or readers who have been searching information about the worldwide HP CQ40-340TU issues, and I just hope that based on my experience with the unit, I can share some useful information to those who intends to buy a new one. I brought mine last week (October 25, 2009) to Micro Accent, MOA Branch for them to send it to HP Service Center because of the line and flickering issues.

So what are the early signs that your unit will turn out just one of those defective units?

  • Green or pink line at the bottom of the screen. No big deal coz you could still use the unit.
  • As the days go by, there may be some annoying flickering movements of the LCD, which I could categorized as mild and still functional.
  • The last severe condition is a total disastrous setting, which if you wanted to shut the unit off by the windows’ start button, it is so difficult to do it. It is intermittent.

What to do:

  • Contact the store and inform them of the unit’s condition so they could file a service complaint report to HP Service Center in advance. They would even advise the owner to take a video of the problem.
  • If you have files to be retrieved, don’t lose hope.  You can still get your files.  What you need to do is connect the laptop to an external monitor and presto what you’ll see from your flickering LCD is the same as with the external monitor. Don’t mind the VGA settings that will work anyway but if you’re not satisfied with the settings you could make necessary adjustments.
  • If  you’re in the province, check with your local HP Service Center.  I decided to bring mine to the store from where I have bought the unit.
  • You can request for a service unit that is if the store can still provide you as there are many cases and HP is running out of parts. In my case, I did not request for a service unit as I still have a desktop pc which I am using as a backup for worst cases.
  • Enticed by the technical specifications, my sister and her friend also got the same unit one month after I had mine.  Now, all of us are facing the same dilemma.
  • You’ll need to wait for a month before you could get the unit back and the bad thing about is that they are not willing to extend the warranty for at least a month, duh.

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