What, when, and why???

These were my questions to one of my colleagues when she started a chat conversation late this afternoon asking if I could accommodate her work load in her absence. Sadly, she will undergo a surgery, a nephrectomy with a schedule to be confirmed by tomorrow.  This news saddened me not because I’ll be extending my work hours but for the reason that she will lose one of her kidneys, specifically her right one.   Length of stay in the hospital depends on the type of nephrectomy procedure.  Traditional nephrectomy patients are usually hospitalized for one week, recovery period is 3-4 weeks, so that will be a total of one month.  Whew, that is quite extensive plus the ortho account aside from the primary account.  Through CT stonogram, a renal stone was radiographically viewed and her nephrologist advised for the said surgery as her condition is considered chronic and there was calcification.  I wished her a successful operation and steadfast recuperation.  Wished she is just near coz she just deserves a big hug.

It is a real challenge to commit to changing focus from oneself to someone, and today I have committed myself to a mere act of kindness, and repeatedly memorizing these lines of Emily Dickinson:

Hope is the thing with feathers—

that perches in the soul—

and sings the tune without words—

and never stops–at all–


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