who you gonna call?

Comes mid afternoon, the CPU suddenly stopped working and just begged my almost 4-year-old CPU, not to give up. It has nothing to do with windows reformatting, I know, coz when I turned it on I could not hear the usual beep tone upon restarting. “So, this will be a matter of isolation”, I said – to tell what part might have failed. The be-calm-don’t-panic attitude persisted again in my part as I was checking the power supply. The fan was not working at all and there was an absence of a green flash indicator (this means there is really something wrong with the power supply).

When you are just alone and on your own, and there is no technical support, you just need to be quick-witted and optimistic. At first, I was not confident and uncertain if I could remove the power supply by myself. I walked away from it for 5 minutes to pant some fresh air before deciding to change it, just got lucky I have a spare one. But I had to do it for the first time, and was just crossing my fingers that I was not wrong with my gut feeling this time.

Got the Mannesman red screwdriver and started unloosening the power supply from the CPU. That was just so easy! Stopped for a while and studied the connections going to the hard disk and motherboard; one cord for the hard disk and 2 for motherboard. I detangled the old one from the CPU and provided a new one, putting the four screws one by one and remembering the 3 slots. Yippee, after 10 minutes with no sweat, the CPU turned on. It was a success and I just gave myself a big grin. Nice try!


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