simple joys

  • Being relatively healthy
  • Afternoon free playing with the kids
  • Reading a favorite book
  • Listening to uplifting music
  • Modestly falling dried leavesdad
  • Bud of a yellow orange rose
  • Wagging tail of the dog
  • Smell of a home cooked meal
  • Refreshing plunge into the water
  • Experience of full depth of forgiveness in the give and take of family life
  • Sympathetic friends
  • Deep connection with God
  • And the sun will always shine

Got a text message from my dad asking my opinion about him entering politics again. Thought and composed some phrases before making a call, though he knew even if I don’t speak, I would still say no. I asked him why exactly he wants it and does he really want it? Does it fit within the context of his vision of living a good life, or rather simple but good? Simple living is taking all things in moderation or having expensive, rather inexpensive habits of perfecting or even not perfecting but attaining one’s goal being healthy and free of illnesses – but that works for me. So, he should be really thinking about it.

Simple things I enjoy doing with my dad

  • Fishinglatundan
  • Feeding the cow
  • Tilling the soil
  • Watering the plants
  • Harvesting tomatoes, eggplants,
    ampalaya, squash, lemon, and banana with him
  • Together reaching the blackberry fruits
  • Eating halo-halo
  • Strolling at the mall
  • At the rocking chair while he is watching me work, waiting for me to finish
  • Buying him shirts, checking if it really fits in him
  • Waiting for his turn at the clinic
  • Cooking and grilling
  • Visiting relatives
  • Biking together

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