I’ve got myself a new ball, not the Pilates ball. This time, it is volleyball but I ended up playing badminton with Alyssa for 30 minutes and another half hour for basketball, and yes I played in the municipal basketball court for the first time in my 7 years length of stay in our place. Saw some prying eyes and I was thinking probably they’re asking themselves, (“isay man daw ning mga dayo?”) Most of the time, 5 days a week to be precise, I’m home working – working as an MT, a mom, a wife, and a business partner.

So, ano man daa ang MT? Sometimes, I’m fond of associating meaning to it.

MT- mayong trabaho – doesn’t make sense at all as patients are growing in numbers everyday.

MT- most talented – what??? That only applies to Tinay as she was awarded as the best MT from our batch.

MT- mommy Teri or Mommy Tere – Alyssa once asked me, iba man si Tere sa Teri?

MT- miss tea – been hooked up with tea such as blackberry, blueberry, strawberry, jasmine, lemon but cut back in moderation, and I gave my last box of tea supply. That one came from Germany.

MT- and lately found a thoughtless and the most horrible meaning to it…EMPTY.

But no, I made a promise to myself, a wakeful step for a new beginning, embracing all the goodness in the world. I am making a choice to be out of my nook even for at least an hour each week in a daytime setting, not being a walking vampire or waiting for a midnight sale.

I had a lot of free throws effortlessly and every shots I was saying a mantra.

1st throw – for all the years I sheltered myself inside my shell.

2nd throw – for all the negativity.

3rd throw – surrendering all my pains and troubles to God.

Done so many free throws instead of shouting that I should have done before. I’ve done clean, numerous free shots. God is calling me earnestly, pleading me to come home, and I am towards that path.


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