A cousin from our place saw me at the mall yesterday while I was waiting for my dad and told me he went to my office (I still call it as my office since I work not in a house outfit) and told him I seldom stay home during Mondays.

Monday morning was for an added responsibility, looking after a house, astutely determining possibilities to generate income from it, that my uncle bought 4 years ago in the city.  This needs me more pack of BC Powders, I am sure.

I asked dad if he wanted a new shirt or a new pair of pants or what he doubtlessly need this time that I can give so as to help him change his mind, (suhol ba) not entering politics again which adamantly I was opposing.  What he wanted was only a glass of Iceblink halo-halo and try to discuss the details with me.

Got to see Nene Van at her place; at 35 years old she was blessed with an angel.  She is 2 weeks preggy and had a hemorrhage so she was ordered to have strict bedrest with bathroom privileges, BR/BRP.  That is one of the precautions and complications of having been pregnant in an advanced maternal age. If I may say so, she is gravida 2 (1 for Bianca, a college freshman, and 1 for the newly fertilized egg), so that makes 2.  – to make a sentence, she is gravida 2, para 1-0-0-1.

A pregnant woman is described as a gravida. Each pregnancy (multiple

gestation is one pregnancy) increases gravidity, so that a patient with two confirmed pregnancies is a gravida 2. Parity describes outcome. Para refers to deliveries after 20 wk, which are numbered successively as para 1, 2, 3, and so forth (twins, triplets, or more are 1 para). Abortus refers to losses before 20 wk, which are numbered successively as abortus 1, 2, 3, and so forth. The sum of para and abortus equals gravidity. More often, para is recorded in 4 numbers: The first indicates the number of term deliveries (after 37 wk); the 2nd, the number of premature deliveries (> 20 and < 37 wk); the 3rd, the number of abortions; and the 4th, the number of living children. Thus, a woman who is pregnant and has had one term delivery, one set of twins born at 32 wk, and two abortions is gravida 5, para 1-1-2-3.”

Did not stay long but enjoyed talking to his father (love talking with fathers), and had chitchat about retirement, weeh I am too young for that.

After Van was for Adrian’s Kumon – enjoyed reading a book while waiting for him.

So that’s it, enjoying my rest day.

Now, I wish myself a happy 1st working day, and asked not to think of myself alone but to think of those who need me.


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