happy wednesday

3:00 PM- I can smell the holidays…finished early this time.

3:05 PM.- Ohh not yet.. The boss popped an additional Ortho voice files, kind of files that my 2 team mates dislike to do coz of Louisiana accent, and I was tasked to do all the thorny maternal mala-nobela dictations in the morning, hehe.

Listened to this music at intervals, which is included in my playlists

don’t let me drift too far, keep me where you are
Where i will be renewed
and that which you’ve given me today is worth more than i could
and no matter what they say, i believe in You.

Got a news from the solid waste management department in our place that the Department of Agriculture awarded our place a shredder of biodegradable materials for composting purposes. Cheers to Mother Nature. I told the person in charge that garbage segregation must start in every household. Also, a shredder for plastic wastes would be of great help as nowadays they are used and mixed in making hollow blocks.

Taken 5 days ago and they started to sprout. . . can’t wait to see them grow…IMG_0406



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