Crack that code

My weekend migraine was abated by the scent of a chocolaty flavored table candle, Japanese oil on my forehead, and a soothing melody of Anne Murray. This only happens once a month, and a prescription drug isn’t necessary at all. Before, I was given Imitrex but as I hate the thought of ingesting this synthetic pill into my system, I looked for an alternative way to at least lessen it. To reduce the pain, which could lasts for 4-8 hours (in my case), I confine myself in a dark room with a lighted candle and try to massage my scalp and temples with tolerated pressure. It wasn’t food related or associated with vigorous physical activity; staying under the morning blazing sun might have contributed to the pain.

Exposed to teeny weeny talks, I reminded my daughter of limit use of jargon/slang catchup acronyms in text. She was the one who made my Chikka account, gave me my account and password. She’s in fact my walking mobile number directory as she has memorized all our numbers, even for the “ate’s number”. She is turning 11 years old next week and even told me that one of her tita’s asked her to compare the price of N97 and blackberry phone and asked her to read its different features for a comparison. Okay, this kind of conversation was another factor for that migraine headache, perhaps. And my reply was, “No, you can’t have that, just too young for those kind of stuffs.” But my real reason for that was she needs to learn how to value of a dime. So, this requires another honest discussion. This idea (giving kids the modern techy digital bits and pieces) would only make them obsessed with brevity and speed. So, how old a child should be to have a cell phone? Well, it is just simple …until they are able enough to pay for the bill. This cautioned me again, what if someone is willing to give a load allowance? That‘s another ridiculous idea, and that is overindulging. (clears my throat), Her father also wants an Ipod for her birthday. Okay, this makes me grab for a pill of BC Powder!!! So, this is where the kontrabida comes and that is me. I am cracking those codes for them to understand these simple matters – but for me it hugely matters.


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