wanted bloggers

An 8-1/2 by 11 inch page bears an ad looking for bloggers that must be interested in finance, , business, technology, and other current issues in US, this was posted in our store near the university.

I do not consider myself as an expert blogger and I am not intending to be a part of blogsphere or blogland, but once asked why I need to maintain a site for a blog.  Hive of words, need to do something while I am resting from listening to Hispanic accents audio materials or the so-called southern accents.  It helps me remember things like last Saturday, I was beating the turn around time, the supposedly 2 pm TAT but finished almost after 4 hours covering for a fellow MT who had a real life doctor’s appointment.

Yesterday, my destination was ACE hardware to purchase 6 doorknobs.  I picked the Sobo brand and while I was paying, I asked the cashier “hindi kaya mapasubo ako nito?” but with the budget given, I had to stick with this brand though I was eyeing for the faultless knobs, kaso doble ang price.

As a resident of internet circle in which my job requires me to be online while I’m at work (an offline status will make editors and bosses to think there is something wrong with the connection, otherwise).  I also serve as a channel for messages from and to relatives outside the country, leaving me not to make some of my friendster’s album in private for them to see.  An uncle who came home after 33 years from US requested me to make it public as he always view it on his plasma TV connected to his computer.

*N days after.


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