I wanna dance with stars overhead
until each sounds a heart stirring lullaby
oftentimes a sense to glide and hop, and glee
no intense lights and audience but dance spree.
I don’t wanna talk, I just wanna listen
watch how the birds are dancing on their claws
how they jump, transfer, hop with so much joy
how they cling onto an olive branch, fit tightly
Could I have a dance that seems forever,
or tiptoeing on a silvery night grass dew?
Dance slowly and don’t dance too fast.
Time flies, it swiftly moves, past
This word is intelligible,
could hear a voice in refrain
could feel a vision, staring.
I wanna dance with the bright round disk overhead
until it hears a heart stirring music
until it plays a knitted sheet of danceable clefts
as it trebles slowly and quietly.

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