natal day weekend

I had to get out of the bed at the usual school day’s time though it’s Saturday (last US working day being Friday). I do not want to grumble as it is outdated, not even in my vocabulary. In my mind, sometimes I allow myself to whine; just so seldom that I can say it loud. Anyway, I have my blog to hear me, at least. I’m sure nobody will be interested to read this post but if it is computer related topics, baka pwede pa.

I just can’t tell dad how I’m feeling with his decision. Tsk, he called me up again last night, telling me, “Gay, giboha daw ni.” “Dagay, apudan mo daw si ano sabihon mo arog kani.” I wanted to tell him, “ano ka na Dy, dai ka napapagal?” But can’t tell him that and so I’ll be doing the IDs of the candidates in publisher. Then, I wished I could have said, “dawa pirang ream or dawa maubos pa ang ink”, just don’t put yourself into politics again. Have seen the length of each files I’ll be doing for the day, so I can still do it while downloading (head-scratching).

Mom is leaving for Tagaytay on the 25th, day after Alyssa’s birthday. I overhead on the telephone while I was talking to dad that I need to go home on the last Monday of this month to accompany him to file a formal candidacy and attend a Eucharistic celebration with him. I cannot believe it, I wanted to ask, “AWGTGTTA – Are We Going to Go Through This Again? I have reasons why I really would not want him to go through this again, and seems, well, I’m unsure he’s gonna comprehend it. Okay, you both won. I’ll come home on that Monday, and I’ll be coming home today too because…

It’s dad’s birthday today!!!

I’ve got one day’s worth of work unlike the previous two days, Thursday and Friday and by estimate I could finish it before the clock strikes at 3 pm.

I can’t open Facebook specifically during working hours (no one is monitoring me) but it is a self imposed limitation. I only give myself the 1st 5-15 minutes after starting the PC to heat and dish up. One editor whom I have befriended is hooked up in Mafia wars, she’ll probably see me online in FB, so I better not. Now I can’t reply Tinay back, checked my mail and she sent me one. I am pretty sure this is about the “New Moon”. She was on Cotto’s side in the last week’s Pacquio vs. Cotto match, and promised a movie pass with food. Well, I hope it is convertible to cash, hehe.

One thing I like about facebook is that it helps me confirm the patient’s name, if it is spelled out correctly. It is not only for social networking chuchu.

Still have time not to rush and buy something I could bring home later in the day.


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