Songs of praises, they become my daily repertoire.  Verses become a tower of strength.   Poetry becomes daily inspiration, and reading blogs somehow would make me feel that I am connected with the writers/owners. (I have memorized the web addresses, by the way). To include: varavlog, messianic, life of an oregano addict, blabbermind.

With the impending Thanksgiving celebration, physicians were revealing of their weekend schedule.  It was unusual that Ortho account did send files today in preparation for the holidays.

Tere finally is back with her blog (she has been blogging for the past four years).  It was just recently she found out that I was following her blog when finally I commented when she declared leaving her blog temporarily.  This time, she did write about Tinay (who happened to be my New Moon date yesterday).  Reading her blog, I was kinda appreciatively smiling about her eagerness to meddle on Tinay’s love life.  I understand her why she did that.

Comes 2 pm yesterday, after an hour date with my mom as I bought dad a new printer, I excitedly went to the moviehaus to meet Tinay.  Gee, it was my first time to watch on a big screen since the opening of the mall in the city. I wasn’t truly enthralled of the story as I already had the idea reading some parts of the book.  What really startled me was about Tinay’s generosity, actually for her time  Watching the movie for a couple of hours together, she remained quiet, would only laugh if I would have side comments like “maarte si Edward”.  And when Bella Swan quoted on this line, “Sorry, age is a touchy subject for me, that hit a nerve.” And asked her, “Is it a touchy subject for you, Tinay?” and answered “sometimes”.  She is not at the same age as I am, I’m just some years older, and she is still single.  So, maybe Tere has her own basis why she is meddling with Tinay’s love life and I know she cares a lot for her.  I hope this is not about age again.  Well, too bad for them coz I don’t feel like I am 33.  After two hours when the list of movie characters was flashed on the screen, she confessed that it was her second time to watch the movie.  She had seen it the other night, and I realized why she was just as quiet and cold as the Cullen’s.  Still, I appreciate her kindness.

As I’ve mentioned above, Tere is back and I am glad to be reading her posts again.  Even the three of us are not working in the same company as we did before in an office based setting, we are somehow linked with these computer world linkages.  Now I have no reasons to be flipping the medical and grammar books again. 


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