last day

These were the two gorgeous women in my life, my mom and my only sister.  They were expecting me last Saturday to come and celebrate my first cousin’s 60th birthday.  She was born by my mom’s sister a year after my mother was born.  Well, it would entail a 6 hour travel for me to reach the venue – at a private pool in Pansol, Calamba, Laguna. Yesterday was the third day of my vacation coz of the US Thanksgiving Day celebration.  I opted not to spend my time traveling (though I really wanted to meet my cousins as I haven’t seen them for 16 long years, most of them except for the celebrant and her husband).   There is that home project waiting for me to be started and be finished before the holiday ends, aside from trimming the bushes and cutting the unwanted leaves and branches hindering the small plants of the benefits of the sun.  I had to set my alarm clock at 4 am yesterday to meet my mom in the city terminal.  She handed me the laptop which I brought to HP Service Center, Manila a month ago, requiring an LCD replacement.  

In addition to that, astonishingly, I received some gifts from my cousins.  Well, I suppose it is a thank-you gift for doing her a favor.  A Marks and Spencer watch and a pen.  This is another one strong dose of appreciation.  I had fun measuring my wrist with the gauge inside the box. Now, I know my wrist size, so small that I needed to bring it to a watch repair center for the necessary adjustment.  “150 mm ang size mam dapat”.  This was uttered by the staff at a trustworthy watch service center.   I assured them that by next year, I’ll grab that chance to stay at their place and now I am thinking how I am able to bond and enjoy a week’s summer days with them as I would still be bringing my work.  I wanted to tell my other cousin that she is not my aunt… well, maybe becuase her age is just like my mom’s that she presumed I’ll gonna call her aunt.

Sometimes, it is not only these earthly material things that we should allow ourselves to be appreciative.  Also, learning how to appreciate both pleasant and even seemingly unpleasant experiences with God’s intrusion that we will continually adopt, live and consider them as everyday grace is an added blessing indeed.  It still fittingly goes that thoughts really count, and acts too!

For two hours, I watched and sat patiently enjoying the teens and the kids’ taekwondo moves at the gym, and realized I was the only cool mom there.  Well, this vacation gave me that opportunity to sit and relax – not to be worrying about anything.

And today is the last vacation day (sort of a sequential diary huh).  My badminton buddy arrived 15 minutes late so I waited outside the gate and had that glee chance to count and appreciate the stars.  Just so timely that she showed up and we both went to the playing area before the rain started to pour.  I hope it is not going to be a Bonifacio whole Monday rainy day. 



2 thoughts on “last day

  1. i’m still a newbie Tere who is willing to learn, hehe. there is something wrong sa FS minsan pag abot sa time kaya pag na comment ako ki tinapay nalaag talaga ako nin oras minsan.

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