Nursing Licensure (Board) Examination 2009


Ina: Noy, ano ta kadakul kang “F” sa card mo?

Aki: Si mama daw, siyempre ta ang gustong sabihon kayan “Fasar”.

Ina: Ahh, huna ko pati “Fatal”.

Honesty is certainly a rare jewel.

The licensure examination for the nurses was held on November 29 and 30, 2009 in Manila and all Regional Offices. Approximately 95,231 first timers’ examiners took the said test.

In US, California is way ahead of many other states when it comes to earnings of a nurse.

Lori left a message that she received her California driver’s license and had an experience of freeway driving. Getting a license there is much easier and the test procedures do not take long with a set of multiple choices for the written exam. Time flies really when you’re having fun. I am sure she is having lots of fun. By profession, she is a nurse just like Teri. They both left working at the hospital six years ago in MSH, touted as the most modern hospital in the Bicol Region today. That became a destination hospital for my aunt for the last nine years. A P218.00 per day wage for an 8-hour shift would not suffice their daily consumption during that time; well enough to say they were uncompensated.

In Asian Hospital, the starting salary is P8,000.

Pero sabi Nila:

Kung gusto mo mag-abroad, mag-nursing ka.
Kung gusto mo maging prestigious, mag-politics ka.
Kung gusto mo sumikat, mag-artista ka
Kung gusto mo yumaman, mag business ka.

With the trend of the nurse’s compensation in the Philippines, we cannot blame why they are leaving Pinas and practice their profession overseas. My bestfriend in 1st year high school, a second courser, who is also a competent dentist is working as a nurse in a government hospital in the city to earn a 2-year experience for her US application.

A nursing review costs approximately P16,000. NCLEX (National Council Licensure Examination) fee is $200 and an additional $150 for the scheduling fee plus VAT if you prefer to take it at a test center outside the US. The TOEFL, IELTS, and other tests required for nurses aspiring for the taste of a big apple, the meat pies, or stardom in Hollywood. Oh well, this applies to a relative who recently took the said exam last Sunday. I hope I can check her name out from the result.

Where are these nurses going after that much-awaited thrilling board exam result?

Dai na kamo mag MT, eu?

*finished two hours before the usual end time and still have time to read.


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