everyday purpose

My 4:30 AM buddy wasn’t able to meet me ‘cause of an early headache, which was timely as I needed to adjust my time starting today an hour earlier allotted for the downloading and further learning stuff while heating the stove.  Got a new client yesterday, and, well, three days had passed and got no negative feedback from Saturday’s report. : D

Lately, I had some things I’ve been silent about and reverentially contested some of the highlighted issues.  I’m allowing myself to be quiet, shedding some skin.

There is something to learn from every encounter. Struggles are but classroom and inner room, working out our differences with others, and it is right to say that no prayer goes unheard.  In our inner rooms, it finds a way to remind us who we are.  With every encounter, we re-create our world.  Sometimes, the purpose of a day is to merely see what is within us and everything is all part of mystery.  Every day is an opportunity for new learning, beginning, and sheer hope that if only we are mindful and responsible, we can see a stream of potential healing.


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