Lately, I have been writing on my notes.

I’m still slightly febrile but feeling better now, and can identify of what the possible etiology was, and it I’m not overwhelmed by how much work I have to do.  It is not about it.

But thanks to Manay for giving me a whole body massage last night using an Effleurage technique which was relaxing, soothing, and really helped a lot, with the aromatic “Damong Maria” in a combination of lemon extract.

As expected, it will turn out as atypical if there will be no power interruptions on Fridays.  The schedule was moved from 12 midnight until 5 pm tomorrow instead, and that is a big wow! Generator to the rescue for tomorrow!

The physician of other account who has his own distinct ways of dictating out of this world pool of words and terms will have an earlier plan for his holiday’s vacation.  Yippee!!!  Time off from a great deal of time understanding “Metinex from Metanx, zepsin from Ceftin, she reports from Shreveport”, and the like.

This day is another great time of the year to notice the people and circumstances for which I am most grateful.

I am paying close attention ONLY to positive feelings and sensations.

Have a great Friday!  🙂


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