Offline Cell Phone

If an automated teller machine in the bank goes offline; mind you, for the last two weeks, my cell phone had an X mark at the top left corner next to the time and beside that mark, it says “OFFLINE”.  It means it can’t receive or send messages and make or accept any calls.

I e-mailed Nokia customer care and got this reply.

Thank you for emailing Nokia Careline.

Good day!

In response to your inquiry, to leave the offline profile, press the power key briefly, and select another profile. The device re-enables wireless transmissions (providing there is  sufficient signal strength).

I did the instruction and got an “insert sim card” message, but when I inserted my sim pack to another phone it worked.

I am still waiting for Nokia’s reply about the second dilemma.

I’ll not be able to use it as modem coz of the offline mode and I am not sure if dial up connection will work back home.

I’d better hit the road.  Have a nice Thursday! 🙂


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