The worldwide Christmas Day gave me a whole day work vacation yesterday.  In anyhow, for the past days, I was focused too much on the external world.  I was preoccupied with so many things and responsibilities.  I had so much expectations of getting done a lot from performing various roles and forgot a deeper connection.

I was in love with the thought of being BUSY and goal oriented.

But yesterday was different.  T’was the time of year to pause not because it is Christmas but because it was a chosen day to be free, playful, imaginative, generous, and loving.

The kids know who Santa is; that there is no Santa in me during this season, materially speaking.  That even we would have a chimney and have a glass of milk and cookies left for him, they’ll never wait for his face to show up.  That material gift will just be on pile in the basement in the large boxes, and soon I’ll be sorting them to crap and things must go.

It was a gift of time, laughter, and togetherness that we had for each other.

It was a day to redirect, to refocus, and to realize God’s unfailing love.

Getting a lot won’t necessarily make me feel more content.  The external world is filled with uncertainties– but the internal world, the one that can only be accessed when the mind is quiet, is the only place where we can truly feel at peace.  In that place I thrive.

Have a peaceful Saturday. Nyt nyt folks! 🙂


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