Five years ago, I rediscovered you back into my life.
I found so much joy in you.
In your wings, it made me want again to fly.
By touching your heart, it made me realize and say,
“What a wonderful world”.
Every part of you, I’ll always remember.
I shouldn’t dream you’re here
It only makes me want you more.
But I can’t have you, for the rest of my life.


Chicken wings, chicken breast, all your parts.

Just want to make it creative as it saddens me that I could no longer eat chicken meat.

If I’ll be making a medical report pertaining to my sensitivities, it will state like this…

The patient has no medication allergies.  However, per her history, she has sensitivity to shrimps, crabs, skipjack fish (tulingan), mackerel scad (sibubog), smoked fish or tinapa since childhood.  As per her recollection, she was allowed to eat chicken meat and eggs for the past five years but recently she had flare-ups of her sensitivities from including them to daily meals.

Would you care a little bite for me with your next chicken meal?


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