Glass slipper

Daunted by a perceived knowledge
Perplexed over simple details
As an eagle was about to drop a shoe
A sparkling gold trimmed spun glass shoe.

How did you not notice or remember?
Better yet, I’d call Gus and Jac
To help you out to learn and decide
Of a dimension in your mind that resides.

Oh, sweet afternoon eruditely paired
Fastidiously, styled by its own simplicity
I’ve learned to like the simplest form of chic
squeezing my toes in a contented comfy box.

Or will I wait for another Duke?
Perhaps nay, as it is so obscure
Asking for a key to open the box for me
Try to peek at a bristly stiletto heeled shoe.

There may be no pelt or fur exteriorly
But strive to find something just so easy
Not of a mojris or Kolhapuris even wedges
which could be hurtful and outlandish.
So peculiar….

Some words are pointless.
Some words are meaningful.
And there are words that hurt.
Do you still dream?
I dream coz if i stop dreamin
I wouldn’t know what is over the rainbow.
Is it gray?
Is it bleak?
But then, i should keep on going
and hopes a multicolored hues.


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