reader’s grasp

Last night, I tried writing with the help of the light coming from the TV set at the same time watching Taylor Swift tenderly strumming her guitar by the light of the moon, merely a reflection of the light coming from the sun. Wish I could go back hugging that string thing again. Figuring out of what may be the cause of my insomnolence, maybe because I was into lots of reading. Last Thursday, the second floor of the city public market was razed by another fire. This is the nth time, I think. So, my source of the not-so-old Reader’s Digest magazine, “usually 3 months lang ang pagkaluma” was included in the untimely devastation.

Deafening silence around the house will be somewhat obvious again tomorrow marking the 12th day that “Ate Ara” is no longer around, another reason why I haven’t been blogging for the past six days aside from the fact that mom stayed with me for a couple of days ‘coz she wasn’t feeling well. But I’m glad that I am just 42 km away from them, can’t wait to see the full construction of the so-called first sky bridge in the region. With a total fund of P1.3B solely for the project, it is expected to be completed by April 28, 2011. So the travel time from my hometown to the city will be reduced to 15 minutes from the usual 40-minute ride by passenger jeepney. A 20 to 25-minute ride would be realistic.

Doing lots of readings, making checklist for my sister (kadamo gid). Four months from now, I’ll be walking down the aisle as her matron of honor. As long as a tube dress, spaghetti, o macaroni type dress is not a prerequisite for the role, I’ll accept it wholeheartedly without thinking (mabilis pa sa alas kuwatro).

Wanted to post some of the pictures I have taken from my garden but still not through updating my photo files and hopefully I could post it in my next next blog.

Am I this spontaneous o talkative in person? Garo bako adi? Well, i’m just in the mood to share.

There you are, I’m just starting to enjoy my rest day.

Hope you’ll enjoy your Monday too! 🙂


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