When I started doing transcripts for a state in the south that’s when I also began looking up meanings for some new words in the urban dictionary.

Main Entry: lingo
Part of Speech: noun
Definition: dialect spoken by a group

Synonyms: argot, cant, idiom, jargon, language, patois, patter, slang, speech, talk, tongue, vernacular, vocabulary

Antonyms: standard

Learning of new set of words is really fun. Here’s my own growing list:

  • totaled

My car was totaled in the accident with the garbage truck. (This is so common in emergency care, as described constantly in vehicular accident).

  • Glitch/defect

This computer program has a glitch.

  • gee haw – They don’t gee haw very well at all. They fight all the time. As well as, they don’t g-haul, they argue constantly.

(It took us a day to comprehend that phrase). Gee, we thought it sounds like “Dr. J. Haw or jaeho? So, where is Dao Ming Shu? –duhh, this is doing my head in somewhat.

  • 2KX An abbreviation of the year 2010 from the Roman numerical system (K meaning 1000 and X meaning 10). Dude, it’s 2KX now
  • shopaholic

a person who can’t stop spending money at the mall Guy #1: Whoa, that girl has like 50 shopping bags! Guy #2: She’s a shopaholic.

  • Northwest nap

A very deep sleep where you are unable to hear telephones, text messages, and even the Air Force. Named to honor the two fine pilots from Northwest Airlines and there little “in flight snooze” “Dude, I was so tired yesterday afternoon, I took a Northwest Nap. My girl called me 15 times and I didn’t hear a thing”

  • Cyberchondriac

Similiar to a hyperchondriac.

‘Then i went on this website and found out that i actually have diabetes AND chronic fatigue!’ ‘Dude…you’re a cyberchondriac’

Someone who spends their time searching medical websites for diseases they convince themselves they actually have

  • typeractive adj.- abnormally or extremely active with typing I cannot stop chatting in spite of losing my friends, wife and children; man, am i typeractive or what?!?!?
  • DWT

Driving While Texting. Operating a motor vehicle while texting friends on your cell. “Gina almost killed us driving over here, she was DWT. I finally grabbed the phone out of her hand before we wrecked.”

  • Ghetto upgrade

When you are flying economy on a near empty flight and can lay across an entire row of seats. I got a ghetto upgrade on my flight to Bangkok and was able to sleep most of the way.


I was unbelievably laughing when I searched for the word lingo of the day, when i asked that not-so-witted question.

(“hahaha….look it up luns. :)”

I enthusiastically looked it up Tinapay!


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