Hot seat

1)  If you could choose, would you rather be the eldest or the youngest? Maybe if I’m the eldest one I could show my brother the way back home.  I wish I have enough courage to write about him.

2) The one thing you always buy in a mall? If I can’t find a book of my choice, its either a new pillowcase or bedcover not always but every now and then.

3) Save it or spend it? Save for the rainy days.

4)  Two things you wish you knew how to do? Play the piano or keyboard.  And of course, surfing. Yeah.

5)  Where else in the world would you love to live? Baguio City so I can plant more vegetables or anywhere as long as there is a signal for the internet as I need it for my job continuance    and electricity as well.

6)  What books are you currently reading? Wizard of Oz again and a book about giving myself and others positive time and space which give our lives a chance to expand to gracious proportions, making our own hands and our own hearts as the tools.

7)  When you`re at home, what is the one food item you can prepare at the drop of a hat? what else? Sautéed menu

8).  Your biggest adventure so far? Caramoan adventure.  That was two years ago.

9)  What is your idea of unwinding? Walking.

10)  Your favorite hang-out? nothing in particular.  I would like to go to PowerBooks.  Does anyone want to come with me?  I think I am going out by the end of  March this year.

11)  What do you love most about your room? a comfy bed dressed with neatly pressed and clean sheets.

12)  How often do you update your wardrobe? Not regular, but I don’t keep clothes that I no longer use.

13)  What is your usual get-up? comfortable clothes.

14)  If you could be best of friends or chummy to anyone, what type of person will he/she be? Someone that i can relate to.  In general, I admire men/women who can inspire others in their own ways.

15)  What, for you, is the world`s greatest job or profession? I think the greatest one is not what you can call a job or a profession.  It is but more of a calling – that is to be of service.  We are designed for giving. When we do so, our lives come into a certain order, even and especially when things seem so chaotic and uncertain.


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