jazz another week

This week was a mixture of unbelievably good and bad events.  It is imperative to understand that whatever awful and shameful situation with poor judgment I had last Tuesday, I know it was another test to finding true strength and deeper wisdom.  I am glad I have friends who are always there to support and guide me.  I am still in the process of gathering pertinent information that I can share with you guys. Lesson learned is “There is no such thing as free dinner.”

I just hope next week, it’s gonna be a smooth sailing journey towards resolution.  It’s just about what I could consider one of those unfortunate events.

I received a new music 8 GB phone the other day as a gift for my birthday the previous year from a relative.  Browsing its newest and fresh features was excitingly amazing.  So delighted to have thoughtful and wonderful people in my life.  Indeed, I am blessed!

The boss was out today for a weekend by the seaside so the distribution of work was endorsed to me the other night.  It went fine.

Well, I need to start this weekend right.  So party people have fun and enjoy! Have a great weekend! 🙂


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