full moon

Had a momentary look at the calendar as it is the last day of the first month of the year.  Being the last person as always to say “lights off”, I’ve seen how the universal symbol for sleep was glowing.

I’ve seen my former boss today.  She was so delighted when she saw me, and so was I.  From the moment we both clasped our hands until we bid goodbyes, I sensed the joy she felt.  It has been six years since the time I left her office that I hadn’t had the chance to see or visit her.  How I wish I could tell you those simple details which would describe her as a simply loving and down-to-earth individual, but how the battery pack shows its remaining power, prevents me from going on.  But as a whole, she is one of the significant persons in my life who inspires me.

They say that to have a goodnight sleep, you can try putting your head to the south, your feet to the north, and lie on your right side.  Place your right hand under your right check and your left hand on your left side.

I always lie on my right side, really, and at the right side of the bed but the difference is I place both my hands under my right cheek.  Sometimes it works, sometimes I doesn’t.  But I think whatever position you may choose, simple prayer may help to have a satisfying doze.

If the moon can share its light with the world,
Then surely we can do the same
Spread your light.

Night night!


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