feb 2

Just got home from the hotel and I promised myself of not going back. I have a story to tell, some kind of a hot stuff. I’ve learned lessons not only one but numerous. Maybe someday, yes, someday, I’ll post it here. It will help other people, I know. Last week was stressful, disastrous, and worrisome.

I just don’t want to be the Robin Hood to the rescue at this very moment. I’ve got the draft back with no perks, but with a peaceful mind. It wasn’t fun at all. Venting without reflection sometimes may not help and could only increase stress and anxiety.

But I am pleased, I am glad, and I am blessed to be surrounded with supportive friends and people.

To start with:

  • Tere – her immediate advice provided optimism.
  • A friend who simultaneously was coaching in a swimming competition while sending business cards of DTI people.
  • Four staff of DTI including the RD (Regional director) and PD (Provincial Director) of Cam. Sur provided also urgent action.
  • To atty. De la Torre who interestingly listened to recorded conversation and gave instructions which served guidelines.

LESSON FOR THE NIGHT: Shred, shred, shred and sleep on it.


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