Yesterday, feb 8

Today is a beginning of another week.  Time flies really so fast.  Yesterday morning, on my way to Legaspi City in a new 12-seater Toyota white coaster van, I made some reflections quietly as I sat at the back of the vehicle.  It includes:

  • Study fearlessly – we shouldn’t be afraid to learn from as many sources as we can. Thanks to this techy internet world, books, blogs, experiences, and circumstances which provide room for learning.

  • Pray fearlessly –we shouldn’t be afraid to be exploring what is written, and explore it from the inside.  It will act as a catalyst for self revelation.

  • Learn fearlessly – don’t be afraid to grow.  No matter how crazy life gets, there are always opportunities for cultivating love, justice, and compassion.

Also, while travelling, I’ve seen a truck loaded with chicken dressed in white feathers copiously and wondered why in the supermarket they call it dressed chicken? After four towns, I’ve seen an ad that says, “blue grass for sale”, and wondered why again they call it blue but in truth they are green carpet grass.

The 5-hour back and forth travel was fun especially how I got lost.  Haha! My friend texted me that her office was beside LCC Supermarket, was unmindful, and when I spotted one hurriedly got off the van.  I was in great dismay and laughing when I read the supermarket branch.  I just discovered I was two towns away from the city. What do you expect from someone who barely travel and is unaware of the possibility that LCC could have branched out in other towns? But I fulfilled my second to the last promise to my aunt yesterday so the getting lost part was just part of the day.  I was thinking maybe I could go to Embarcardo too but there is always a next time.  Besides, going there alone isn’t an interesting idea.

Back to the oatmeal world. Say “Yes” to the seedlings and a giant forest cleaves the sky.  Say “Yes” to the universe and the planets become your neighbors.


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