commitment to myself

Be agreeable, by sympathetic, be loving, be compassionate, be humble.

“Be free to not stay in the old story. To not stay where sorrow always looks backward, where worry always looks around to see what else might go awry – instead, look up, take the leap, see a fresh new world, and see a sky filled with nature and with God and the mountains and the roar of something greater.”


no one is around to grant work clearance and have to be early tomorrow coz of the family day in Parochial which means a double load for me.  I was searching for UCB inserts for an ortho material a while ago; a kind of orthotic that comes almost up to the level of the ankle, but not up the calf.  It only stands for University of California at Berkeley where the orthotic was first developed, and i stumble upon a UCB video entry for a campus moviefest..  just i loved the flowers and i still have time to watch it while waiting for the PA.


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