I finished uploading files today before the short hand of the clock strikes at 5 PM; earlier than yesterday when I had the chance to go out and work in the city.  It was a bit not easy looking for a café that will accommodate someone who would dismantle the set-up of one workstation.  Kaipuhan ko man sana sarong RJ-45, kung wi-fi lamang kuta di madali sana. I haven’t tried working at Beanbag.  One of these days, try ko man daw yan pero garo dai ko carry dahil sa pedal.  Dai talaga ko tuod kan F2, F4, F10 keys. Kaya dawa sa kataid ko may nag do-Dota tapos sa likod ko may nagdadalan war picture, pig isip ko na lang na si Lomeli ang pigdadangog ko.

For this week, my attention was called for having an offline mode in YM.  Ki ma’am offline ako pero ki Terry dai, eh, pero online man ang status ko.

Sigun sa bareta working holiday man palan sa Lunes, mayo lang laog ang mga eskwelahan.

SLRC a.k.a. St. Louis Review Center will be in the city next month to facilitate a review for state board exam for Physical therapist.  Pero siyempre sa luwas pa din kan Pinas ma-exam.

In Australia, for those who applied for general skilled migration visa before September 1, 2007 will no longer have an application waiting to be processed, which is tormenting to 20,000 applicants.  Though the government will refund the visa application charge, some associated fees incurred for medical examinations, English language test, and police checks cannot be refunded.  These abrupt changes were released on February 8, 2010.

Ok I need to go back to my report now.  For the past two weeks, I stopped reading books as well as articles online because of seemingly puffy eyes, na strain lang garo


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