today’s upbeat

I have five male cousins (two are brothers) who are staying for free at our uncle’s house and their only shared obligation is to pay for the bills and the most important rule among all the rules is drinking of liquor is a no.  Sometimes, there are people who steal our peace.  These people, who are nice in their own ways, but caught in a situation where guidance is indispensable, are sent to test patient and understanding of their specials need.  Making a decision is sometimes hard especially when it is not for you, and it broke my heart.  It is really not that easy to be living without the guidance of parents. Setting and implementing rules was not that simple for independent kids who are showing do-what-you-want attitude.

But I hope I could be a blessing to them.  Sometimes it is natural to react with easiness of irritation and annoyance but in the end a good comprehension will light the way.

A truly grace for the day and everything is a grace.


Tin, thanks a lot for adding to today’s grace. I forgot to give you the fortune plant back so i need to take care of it “muna” for you. Ask ko daw si Tere kung maako nin rose plant.


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