I forgot to mention that before the Kumon thing yesterday, I was from CWC.  I was tasked to look for an accommodation for our guests who will be coming next month, for a different function.  It is not for my sister’s wedding.

First stop was for the eco village.  The front desk officer was frank and blatant to say that rooms and villas located at Villa Del Rey are presentable and conducive compared to those located at the Eco Village. Besides, the rooms available at the site would not be sufficient for the headcount.

Here is their tariff for the available rooms since there are rooms utilized for long stay occupancy.

AC villa 1 unit
studio type with 1 bathroom – 6 pax – 1,600/night
AC pavillion room
2 units -studio type with bathroom/receiving/dining area terrace -6  pax – 1,600/night
For 226.66/pax, this is a reasonable price for a 1-night stay.

Here’s a look of the bamboo grille they were offering for different functions.

the crafty tables only caught my attention but the place is definitely a big NO.

Next spot was for the Villa del Rey’s villas, cabanas, and cabins.  From cheapest to the most expensive one.

1,350 for 2 pax.  Some models have queen size beds. Two children below 10 years old are allowed to stay free of charge.

Cabana’s bathroom and powder room.

Now, let’s see the cabin.  These are replicas of those found at Gota Beach in Caramoan.

They’ve got small, medium, and large cabins all for 2 pax.  Prizes range from 2,200 to 2,600 and 3,000.

A look inside the cabin.


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