This was my statement yesterday…
I am longing for a brother’s love.

Making a shape on this fruit
felt like just so real
though seem surreal
go on and on, just go on.

But we're not born to lose
and we will not be tired of loving
laughin and lovin not in vain
we welcome a brighter day without pain.

A sad story about a pair of shoes
I've ever first received and walk from a gate
"Tinangis", they call it and now I get it
why on earth as I glanced at every cell
wet minute drops of stones are falling.

Back in time we played and tell our stories
saying just the right thing
but those days are gone, something went wrong
don't even know where you are.

Ain't like Hancock who has power
to trace a shape on a moon
but tonight I am sending my prayers for you
and wherever you may be right now
as you've turned thirty eight,
and for you to know...


5 thoughts on “sneakers

  1. Hmm… He’ll be fine. Just keep on praying and dont stop loving him…

    love heals;
    love binds;
    A heart like yours and mine
    When things just fall apart,
    Love will be the start
    to heal the pain inside a wounded heart.

  2. Amein v’omein. May it be so! He’ll make all these things beautiful in His time. Just as Jacob blessed the sons of Joseph, May you have the same blessings of Manashe(leave the pains of childhood) and Efraim(be fruitful in your years) as well.:)

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