How’s my weekend?  Let me start saying it was funny.  A neighbor who is in his late 70s came back this morning reiterating that I should be cutting the malunggay tree (Sajina in Indian subcontinent), which I planted with my own bare hands.  He must be kidding me.  The old man who does wear a white mask whenever he goes out of the house was worried that a strong typhoon might raze the tree down and could damage his outhouse.  Maybe he is forgetting something that he should be reminded of.  The province of Albay was placed under a state of calamity because of the current drought and the rain was purely artificial for the last three days.  In fact, we are not having an onset of early summer rains and definitely there will be no typhoon. That is a 100% sure just like how certain I was about Manny winning the fight today.

I can hear his lengthy irritating speech at the other side of the fence.  Oh, another thing is his son tied a tirewire as their clothesline round the malunggay tree.  Isn’t it funny? To include, years back that old man added some layers of concrete blocks in our fence without asking permission.   It is the portion of the fence I am having slight trouble landscaping because I don’t know what to do with its jaggedness, so in the interim, I left it that way.

At first I was irritated and since I don’t want to hear his rambling, I decided to go out for a while.  When I came back, the tree was cut.  Poor malunggay tree.

Since irritation is a negative element, I just imagined the tree branching out with its new twigs and green leaves dangling in a few weeks.  All I have to do is wait.  Besides, I still have other flowers blooming and plants growing.  So let’s have some delight watching some of my plants grow.

Hope you’re enjoying the weekend! : )


2 thoughts on “Sajina

  1. he cut ur tree?! Kapal! Its unlawful! A neighbor can only cut tree branches and roots na yaon na sa property niya. Ur so kind lun. I would have given the old fart hell. Kapal talaga!

  2. don’t worry tere! dai niya na carry magsakat sakat hehe. our houseboy did it for me. dai na siya naghalat sako ta sabi ko ako maputol pagbalik ko. nagtatakig na daa kaya si gurang sa kaangutan ta dai ko pa pinapaputol.

    pinutol ni “kuya” sa part kung saen nakatakod si sampayan ninda. hehe

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