flipping a video file vertically

Howdy? I’ll be flipping a video file vertically.  The clip was taken in a rotated angle though it plays fine.

Yippee! It turned out great! Got it in a few minutes using this free software, http://www.dvdvideosoft.com/products/dvd…

It can…

– rotate video 90 CW;
– rotate video 180;
– rotate video 90 CCW;
– flip video horizontal;
– flip video vertical;
– flip video vertical and rotate 90 CW;
– flip video vertical and rotate 90 CCW.

Now I need to merge video file one and the second shoot into one file.  I am having a second thought of downloading the video joiner, maybe moviemaker software installation will be much better.  Hope this could be converted and joined with an improved output.

So I’ve been to LCC yesterday to watch a sports tune up game the whole day.  Too bad that my pc isn’t reading the memory card of my camera, but I can view and browse pictures on the camera.  Got this autorun virus to be removed immediately before i could post some of the pictures or maybe I should get a new memory card.

Wawa man LCC Naga adi? Mapungawon na.  But discovered a back-up venue in case of power interruption.  Free wifi and free charging of pc.  Some kind of a great deal tapos baon ka lang skyflakes saka H2O.


4 thoughts on “flipping a video file vertically

  1. mamunduon na talaga. struggling to survive pati. puro na lang paninda ninda ang laug ano?
    dapat si tinapay duman na lang ta free wifi man ang charging pag-brownout sainda. 🙂

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