flowers made from corn husks

COLOUR has three variable dimensions much the same as form is composed of height, width and depth. Colour is made up of hue, value and saturation.

Achromatic colours with no particular hue such as black, white, gray. Also called neutrals, although the term can be misconstrued as neutrals often include beiges, browns, taupes etc, which are colours based in a hue.

Chroma is a quality of colour consisting of hue and saturation

Hue is a pure spectral colour that lacks addition of white, black or gray. The word is derived from the old English word, “hiw” meaning the name of colour.

Saturation is the strength of colour or the degree of purity.

I want to buy myself a bunch of flowers later today.  Seeing the intense blush of anthuriums, the white lilies standing proudly, and the dendrobiums blooming in my garden make my heart glow too.  Still, I want to make my own flower arrangement today coz I received a bunch of good and bad news.  What combination of colors should I pick?

Maybe yellow and white – though in some cultures, white is associated with mourning.  But it symbolizes peace, purity, innocence, and highest kind of understanding, thus, illuminating.  Clue: Never give a Chinese girl a white rose.  It is not romantic at all.

In Armenian culture, when you give yellow flowers, it symbolizes “I miss you”. But if the receiver happens to be Iranian, her face will turn red. For Iranians, yellow flowers represent the enemy.  Among the Mexicans yellow flowers are related to funerals. The Peruvians do not welcome yellow flowers, either. But, yellow is all about radiating creativity, protection, intellect, positivity and clarity.

Or maybe green and red will be great!

Red has been mostly associated with deep love.  A bouquet of red hot roses on a first date would seem a bit premature.  It would be best to be sticking with lighter colors like pink, peach, and lilac.  Green expresses joy and optimism.  The fresh start of spring brings waves of green and with it comes attributes of youth, sentimentality, nature, adventure, growth and health.

How about orange and blue?

A nice subdued blend between the aggressive red and the high-pitch of yellow – Orange is about harmony, aspiration, sociability, contentment, and intelligence while blue signifies imagination, expansiveness, inspiration, and sensitivity.

Well, I think I should go with the yellow since it my aunt’s favorite color and it’s four days before her 1st year anniversary with a combination of white and green buttons.


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