Setting: NCS II; 1:00 PM.  Yesterday.

Before the program, Adrian conducted a short briefing with me.
"Ma, bawal magturog, eu po?" That was his simple request.
Last year, I had a hard time keeping myself awake during the
program. "Masolo daang sakat sa stage ang aki pag nahiling
turog ang magurang", sumpay pa kan si aki. I did laugh upon
hearing his ardent reminders.

April 1, 2009 -12:15 A.M. in Mother Seton Hospital

After a 23-day struggle with the complications of diabetes
such as nephropathy, stroke (left-sided paralysis),  ascites,
hospital acquired pneumonia, transfer from and to the
dialysis center, at 12:15 AM, the resident doctor declared
my aunt's in law expiration. When i will be ready,
I know i can write all about her without any hesitation.

All i know was she stood as a loving and kind grandmother
to my children.  I have seen my in-laws only through

At their father's very young age being a 4 year old,
he thought his mother was only sleeping, pleading his
older siblings to wake her up for him so he could drink
his milk that his mother would usually make.

Ten years after, their grandfather reunited with their

So, i haven't seen them both.

On that same day, when aunt passed away, it was also
Adrian's recognition day. But yesterday, I was awake
and alert, so sure that she was happy watching us, perhaps,
especially me coz i did not make the ala-Ninoy 500 bill pose
while listening to the speaker's speech .






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