Globe Tattoo – check. but I am uncertain of its visibility in a place where I’ll be staying for six long days.  Yes, for me this is quite long.  I am actually frantic about the idea though I knew about the plan beforehand.  Have no energy and much enthusiasm to pack my things.  I wanna stay home.  It is just but the same, I’ll be confining myself in a room to work.  Leaving the kids makes me think twice, thrice, and a thousand times.

My sister in law is home after seven years. She liked the hotel I booked for her for two days in Manila. I have searched for her a place somewhere in Tagaytay for the next 10 days.  I have made the transactions everything online.  It was risky, mas pa kaysa with my Astoria peeps experience but the latter is nerve cracking.  The agent in Tagaytay (I hope) is honest and legal.  Anyway, she issued me a receipt and had it confirmed personally through my sister.  So nothing to worry Tere. May lawyer man ako adi?

The 30-day unlimited call is crap and opted for the 5 day instead.

(Sigh) no argument.  Wishing for a safe long trip.


One thought on “???

  1. luns, pag maung internet kami, i use my phone nokia to connect. pero i opt for smart’s 300 one-week internet. mau kaya ang globe counterpart so lugi ang globe subscribers. marikas pati ang dl and uploads. 🙂

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