Can’t blog, no tweets, and no FB. The house is 9 feet below the main road. Thanks to Smartbro unlisurf coz the tattoo did not work out well, though I am having a hard time finding a location with strong 3G connection inside the house. Tomorrow I can finally read blogs.

I really want to go home and this now is real as I am sitting in the bus (im occupying two seats which is good); I don’t want to think of the idea of going back after tomorrow though I have to.

the  chauffeur turned the lights off and its my cue to finally settle and enjoy the acoustic sounds.


3 thoughts on “amihan

  1. tere- yeah thanks for sharing that info.
    i’ll be home for a day or two only. by monday, dapat nasa Manila ulit ako.

    tin- eu grabe, super lipot. deretso na calabanga si bus kaya no need na maglipat. start na ko work para atyan dikit na lang. text ta ka pag SM na ko..sana bakong maribok.

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