bean bag girls

a mom shouldn't be missing watching this win or lose.

my first time to work at SM Bean Bag with Tinay.
after Adrian's turn, he begged if he could stay
a little longer to watch but after presenting
my convincing power and encouragement to go home,
coz i still need to continue workin, he finally
agreed and understood.
"dai talaga kaya kan powers ko ang ribok"

A conversation at dinnertime with my 2 kids:

Alyssa: "Ma, si tita tinay parihiling kadtong nainot
sato mag-order tapos nagplug kan pc.

Ako: Siyempre ta daraga.

Adrian: ahh, daraga palan si tita tinay?

now i know tano may stripes na shirt.
thanks for the hug and the burger!


One thought on “bean bag girls

  1. haha…daragang gurang!

    dae man luns, first time ko lang mag-above the knee shorts sa centro kaya nakokoncious ako and nalilipot.hehe.

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