just a plain blog

Why I haven’t been blogging…

  • The other doc is not in. yay! yabadabadoo! I’d rather accept the additional editing load than frown with his elocution. So that’s it, got an additional load in preparation for the next month’s added role.  it was mainly because of work that I haven’t been blogging.  Vacation isn’t applicable and as always it will remain as a dream getaway.
  • Lately, I feel sleepy a lot while at work. Maybe I should get my iron levels as well as my thyroid functions checked, or maybe just because I stopped playing outdoors, or perhaps it is too hot (mainiton to the max talaga) that my eyes tend to droop.

My personal mobile and landline info was advertised by my uncle outside his gate.  When I saw the ads, my first reaction was “oh my, wow!” So ridiculous but can’t complain.  This is posted somewhere in M. Castro and Tinago area. What do you think, should I change my personal phone number? But I hate changing numbers.  Every day, I am receiving queries and calls from different numbers… so annoying.

  • since it is summertime, it’s the right time for some house renovations.
  • But I miss blogging and starting again to be missing friends and significant people in my life. In the interim, I would be glad reading your blogs.

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