Rain That Never Stops To Pour

The rain poured today.  This is the rain we have been all waiting for.  The rain that all farmers are expecting to at least drench the dry lands.

When I was a kid, I like running in the pouring rain.  Back and forth, with arms wide open, shouting overjoyed because of the delight it brings, and even opening my mouth with the tongue out.

We got all kinds of rain.  Some are stinging.  There are some rains that even if I scream so loud that I couldn’t hear myself.  But these do not happen all the time.  Usually, comes with a purpose and always bonded in a learning process.

I still believe that rain sustains life. It brings new hope, greenery pasture, life, and love.  And I love the kind of rain that God is sending us every day.  It is the kind of rain that I should not be needing an umbrella, a shield, or ways keeping them at the bay.

It’s the rain that would never ceases to drench me and us.  Moving forward, I may be frightened, but I will run through it with God’s love, God’s rain.


4 thoughts on “Rain That Never Stops To Pour

  1. Rain brings back memories…painful memories. Grey sky and heavy rain reminds me of a father’s farewell. T’was a moment of brokenness and shattered dreams that hopes for sunshine.
    Sorry for the sad note. 😦

  2. The sun is smiling today! I absolutely believe that he is so proud of you, keeping you safe, and always there to guide you. He is actually the original superman. nakikopya ka lang hehehe.

    Happy father’s day to all the fathers in the world!

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