Two Days After Memorial Day

A pencil is one of the best of eyes.

It definitely takes time to make a wise, major decision.  The mind may quickly know what to do, but I’m still confused, and will need to wait coz peace is the umpire.

I was walking at the playground today, and saw a teeter totter.

At the other side it says…

Get over it! No complaining. Change. Accept. Leave. That’s it.

And on the other side, it says…

Focus on the fact that you were able to strike up your resolve and find the courage to take that first step, ready to embrace the lessons you’ll learn along the way.

Well, today’s right word for me is PERSISTENCE.

Was it YOU ?

Some one started the day aright–
Was it you?
Some one made it happy and bright–
Was it you?

Early this morning, we are told,
Someone smiled and all through the day–
This smile encouraged young and old–
Was it you?


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